Past Events

Wet Yet Great Weekend at Kidston
17th-19th of June 2011

Arthur J. Kidston Memorial Camp for the use of the Kidston facilities, Stacie Dunlop for conducting an amazing Emergency and Standard First Aid course (Canadian Red Cross), Bob Howell for leading and conducting the CANS Camp Canoe Instructor course, Roxy Peterson (CANS Education Chair) for providing great food and keeping things organized and moving, and the Staff of Ross Creek Centre for the Artsfor supporting Roxy and Russell.

Stacie Dunlop leading the Red Cross First Aid instruction (emergency and standard)
for approximately 15 camp staff members.

Bob Howell with the six newly trained CANS Camp Canoe Instructors sporting
their PFDs as a reminder of "Safety First".



CANSPEI's first training weekend at Big Cove YMCA Camp was a blast! Everyone had a great time!
Paddle Canada was great. Thanks to Chris Carter for teaching for us! Chris and his students took to the Cove with enthusiasm and excitment. The Wilderness and Reomote First Aid Crew had a blast! Their weekend was filled with First Aid simulations at night and day, getting hands on with out-door life saving techniques and creating new friends and building on relationships already in play. Great job Shari and Peter for teaching an awesome course. Underneath are a few great photo higlights of the weekend.

Paddle Canada Canoe Tandem Course - Instructor Chris Carter

Top L-R: Jack Dyer (Camp Counselor) Chris Carter (Paddle Canada Instructor) Elizabeth Milton (Camp Counselor). Bottom L-R: Breanna Lane (Camp Counselor) and Spencer Rees (Camp Counselor) In training.

Breanna and Jack Canoeing in the Cove

Breanna and Jack putting their new skills to the test!


Red Cross Wildreness & Remote First Aid - Instructors: Pete Ramsay & Shari McKenzie-Ramsay of Spiritus First Aid


Top L-R: Nicoletta Dini (Camp Counselor), Will Reith (Camp Counselor), Ryan Trimper (Camp Coordinator) & Cameron Ure (Camp Counselor). Bottom L-R: Campbell Oakley (Camp Counselor) & Maggie McCann Camp Counselor). These guys were on their night fist aid simulation. They built a stretcher from found wood and a tarp to carry a person with sever hypothermia to base camp.

Peter Ramsay of Spiritus First Aid gives further directions to Madi Kinley (Camp Counselor) as she puts Will Reith (Camp Counselor) in a triangle sling for a broken collar bone.


Mike LeDuc and his staff at Big Cove YMCA Camp for the use of their facilities.
Josh Rodney (Assistant Camp Director for the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts) for all his volunteer help and cooking in the kitchen this weekend.
Peter Ramsay & Shari McKenzie-Ramsay of Spiritus First Aid for their top notch, hands on training.
Chris Carter for his awesome Paddle Canada instruction.


Following the terrible earthquake and tsunami of March 11, camp and youth professionals have asked if there was a way that they could directly assist our Japanese colleagues. The Steering Committee of the International Camping Fellowship has responded by establishing a special fund, with 100% of the proceeds to be sent to the National Camping Association of Japan (NCAJ) as demonstration of support. NCAJ has created a path to healing through a series of camps for grieving children and families. The description of the NCAJ Plan -- "Gift for the Next 100 Years" -- is posted on the ICF website: Contributions may be made directly through PayPal from the ICF website.