Why choose an accredited camp?

Why should you send your child to an accredited camp?

There are lots of camps in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island; some of them accredited and some not. But what does it mean when a camp says they're accredited by the Camping Association of Nova Scotia?

If a camp is accredited, that means that the camp has taken the initiative to undergo a thorough review of it's operations and has made the commitment to maintain a safe, nurturing environment for children. These camps have also committed to meeting the many standards of the CANS Accreditation Program. The CANS Accreditation standards are based on provincial standards regarding building codes, accessibility, environment, health, food safety, water and boating safety, and many others.

Accredited camps have met and continue to meet these standards in order to ensure the safest camping experience possible. This in no way means that non-accredited camps are unsafe or unsuitable, and in fact our list of accredited camps continues to grow as many of our member camps that are not yet accredited are working hard toward accreditation each year!

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