Choosing a Camp

If you are looking to choose a summer camp experience for your child then you already have an understanding of the positive impact summer camp can have on children. You already know that campers learn social skills that help them live harmoniously with a diverse group of people (and that many of those people will become life-long friends). You already know that summer camp fosters a love and appreciation for the natural world and you know that in few other places will your child be given the quality and quantity of supervision and guidance that she/he will at summer camp.

Here are a number of suggestions to help you choose a summer residentail camp that is best for your child:

Steps in Selecting a Suitable Camp

  1. Begin by talking to your child about the programs they are interested in, where they would like to go, how long they would like to stay and if they are willing to go alone or if they prefers to go with a friend.
  2. Talk to friends, family and neighbours whose children have attended camp before or who attended camp themselves when they were younger.
  3. Browse through the information for each of our Camp Members on our website.
  4. Make a shortlist of possible camps for your child.
  5. Then visit their camp websites for all the detailed information on those camps. In particular you may want to find out what type of programs the Camp offers and what are the activities that occur on a "typical day".
  6. If the Camp you have selected is an Accredited Camp then you have the added assurance that your chosen Camp has met the Accreditation Standards of our Association. These Accreditation Standards are generally recognized residential camping best practices and policies in camp administration, staff and volunteer hiring, training and certifications, facilities requirements and maintenance, all aspects of program planning and delivery, food service operation, camp sanitation and emergency planning and first aid safety. For more information on our Accreditation Standards please click here.
  7. If you still have more question then email or call the Camp Director.
  8. You may also ask if it is possible to tour the camp facility before making a final decision.