Information for Parents and Campers

From the Canadian Camping Assocation website:


The Benefits Of Camp

Camp is an ideal environment for a child to learn, grow and have fun.  At camp, children are safe, secure, healthy, active and happy. They develop friendships that last a lifetime.  Guided and supported by young leaders who are excellent role models, campers acquire hard skills to enjoy in a lifetime of leisure pursuits. Campers are encouraged to be co-operative, caring, tolerant and respectful - qualities which benefit them beyond camp. They also learn to become more independent and self-confident, they develop leadership skills and acquire an appreciation and respect for nature.

Choosing A Camp

Together with their child, parents need to choose a camp that meets their child's needs and interests. A complete listing of camps is available here.  It is important to select an accredited camp. While all camps must meet the legislated standards within their province, an accredited camp meets additional requirements relating to site, facility, administration, leadership, health, food service and program determined by the provincial association.

Steps in Selecting a Suitable Camp

1. Begin by talking to your child about the programs he is interested in, where he would like to go, how long he would like to stay and if he is willing to go alone or if he prefers to go with a friend.

2. Talk to friends, family and neighbours with camping experience.

3. Contact your provincial camping association and visit their website.

4. Attend local camp fairs advertised on the website.

5. Make a shortlist of possible camps and visit their websites.

6. Compile your questions and call the camp director.