CANSPEI has a number of  Standing and/or Special Committees to facilitate the work of the Board and the Membership.  Committees members meet as often as reasonable necessary to adequately complete their ongoing responsibilities. Committees with members from various parts of the province usually communicate and “meet” on-line, through group email conversations, or conference calls.

To learn more about our Committees and/or apply to join and work on any of our Committees  outlined below, simply email any of our Committee Chairs

Standing Committees: 

  • Awards & Recognition Committee
  • Training & Education Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Accreditation Committee
  • Marketing & Advertising Committee
  • New Program Development Grant Committee

Special Committees: 

  • Nominations Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Conference Committee

Any Member of CANSPEI can volunteer to work on any of these Committees.  Working as a Committee Member is both rewarding and fun.  As a Committee Member you have the opportunity to network with the leading professionals in our growing and dynamic summer residential camping sector and to learn about the latest trends and developments in best practices.  And to enjoy the collegial fellowship of your committee team!

The list of current committees, committee member duties and average number of meetings are outlined below:

Awards & Recognition Committee

Committee Member Duties:

  • Receive award nominations (Committee Chair will be main contact person)
  • Administer a provincial system of awards and recognition for camps and camp staff and volunteers to promote long-term service and excellence in leadership.
  • Maintain the Betty Campbell Award recognizing exceptional Nova Scotia Campers.
  • Vote on which nominee will receive each award based on the specific award criteria.
  • Present awards at CANS Annual General Meeting.

Number of meetings per year:

  • The awards committee need only meet once or twice per year at least one month before AGM to vote on award recipients.
  • Meeting/Communication need not be in person (Electronic and conference call option available)

Training & Education Committee

Increasing the Training and Educational development opportunities for the staff and volunteers of our Member Camps has been identified as top Priority by the Board.   Information on training courses and leaning opportunities for Camp Staff and Camp Board Directors are regularly posted on our website and in our e.newsletters which are sent to all our Member Camps.

Committee Member Duties

  • Develop the Annual Training & Education Plan for training and providing continual learning opportunities for the for the camp counselors, program directors and camp directors of our Member Camps.
  • Develop and run a series of Educational Webnairs.
  • Create one or more workshops for our Annual General Meeting
  • Provide a Camp Canoe Instructor Certification course.
  • Provide a Camp Low Ropes & Challenge Course Instructor Certification course
  • Arrange the annual Directors Forum
  • Committee members may choose to be involved in planning and/or facilitating one or several events.

Number of meetings per year:

  • Depending on how many events each member decides to participate in determine how often he or she will have to meet with other committee members.
  • Meeting/Communications are usually on-line, through group email conversations, or conference calls
  • There will be some instances where members must be physically present.

Accreditations Committee

Our Accreditations Committee is perhaps our most “technical” Committee and requires that Committee Members have the necessary skills and experience background to act as Accreditation Visitation Auditors to assess a camp’s compliance to our Accreditation Standards.  As such, Accreditation Auditor at CANSPEI should ideally have the following background and abilities:

  • Posses a strong educational and/or work experience background as senior camp leadership staff so as to be able adequately assess camp operations and the required documentation outlined in the Accreditation Audit Documentation Check List
  • Have either received Accreditation Training by CANSPEI, or one of the other recognized PCAs, or have strong prior accreditation audit experience.
  • Become intimately familiar with the CANSPEI Camp Accreditation Standards, and the types of documents that are required to be audited accordingly to the Check List.
  • Must have a valid Drive’s Licence and be able to supply their own vehicle to visit the camps or have a Credit Card to rent a vechicle.  All travel costs will be reimbursed by the Association, at the approved rate.
  • Have a clean Criminal Records Check (and Vulnerable Sector Search if over 31 years).

Committee Member Duties

  • Become familiar with Accreditation Standards
  • Track mileage and gas to and from visited camp for reimbursement from CANSPEI
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement
  • Contact assigned camps to make arrangements for Visitation Audit.
  • Evaluate camps in an unbiased manor
  • Represent CANS professionally and appropriately when visiting camps
  • Adhere to camp rules and guidelines while visiting
  • Visit each assigned camp for at least 4-6 hours (not including travel time) and meet with the camp director/designate
  • Must be able to issue the required Camp Audit Report to the rest of the Accreditations Committee within a maximum of 60 days of the Audit.
  • Participate in continual review and update of Accreditation Standards

Number of meetings per year:

  • All accreditation visits must be face to face and each committee member can visit between one (1) and four (4) camps per summer depending on how much or little he or she decides to be involved.
  • At least two meetings/communications each year with Committee chair
  • First meeting is to receive visitation assignment, usually in late spring (this can be via email)
  • Second meeting is to make recommendation regarding accreditation/ re-accreditation and return standards binder, usually in late summer, early fall (this meeting must be face to face)

Nominations Committee

The members of the Nominations Committee are usually the Past Presidents and the current President of the Association.  The following outlines our Association’s Nomination’s Policy:

Director, Officer and Committee Chair Recruitment & Nomination Policy

The selection of future Board Directors, Officers and Committee Chairs will be guided by the following Associations policies:

  • Support and and maintain the Association’s gender equity policy.
  • Seek to ensure that the majority of Board is professionally based.  Director’s professional backgrounds are ideally senior experienced camp leadership staff or other experienced professionals from such sectors as Government, Education, Medical, Legal, Social Servcies, Financial, Human Resources, Information Technology and Public Relations.
  • Provide training and mentoring opportunities for younger and less experienced residential camping sector staff and volunteers on the Board as well as on Board Committees.
  • Be inclusive of the religious, ethnic and geographic diversity of our Member Camps from across NS & PEI.
  • Seek to have all 12 Board positions filled by as many different Member camps as possible.
  • Foster sound succession planning and training for the Association’s Officers and Committee Chairs by encouraging potential future Officers and Committee Chairs to gain significant on-hand experience and in-depth knowledge of all the aspects of the Association’s operations, as well as to provide the opportunity for future Officers and Committee Chairs to demonstrate their competencies to the Board, by serving on the Executive Committee and/or on the working Committees for preferably 2 years before being considered by the Board for the key leadership positions.
  • Foster a more professional implementation and follow-up in the work of the Board by asking that our Officers and Committee Chairs honestly be prepared to undertake the time and work load demands (which are significant) of these key positions.

Committee Member Duties:

  • Seek out and nominate potential Board Members to be voted on at Annual General Meeting
  • Solicit recommendations for new Board Directors from the existing Board Directors as well as from the other Members of the Association.

Number of meetings per year:

  • One (1) meeting per year at least two weeks before the AGM (held each May) This meeting can be in person or through electronic or conference call option

Marketing and Advertising Committee

The will be a a major Committee responsibility for the new Strategic Plan Vision of the Association.  Building the awareness and understanding for the importance and value of the Association, with all our Stakeholders, has been identified as a Key Priority by the Board.

Committee Member Duties

  • Develop a Strategic PR & Advertising for the Association.
  • Assist in production of Newsletter by submitting ideas, creating articles, or assisting in layout
  • Set-up and management promotional events

Number of meetings per year:

  • Newsletter meetings are not necessary; all correspondence can be done via email.
  • There are ideally 6 newsletters produced each year usually 3-4 in the late winter and spring and another 1-2 in autumn.

Program Development Grant Awards Committee

Committee Member Duties:

  • Receive grant applications (Committee Chair will be main contact person)
  • Be familiar with grant criteria and uphold rules and regulations of Awards Program
  • Vote on which camp will receive each award based on the specific award criteria
  • Remain unbiased and abstain from voting if connected to applicant camp
  • Announce camps awarded grants at AGM

Number of meetings per year:

  • One (1) meeting per year sometime between application deadline and AGM
  • Meeting should be in person but can be through electronic or conference call option if absolutely necessary