History of CANS

The Camping Associations of Nova Scotia (CANS) was established in 1941 in partnership with other provincial, national, and international groups as a non-profit organization. CANS consists of people interested in the improvement of residential camping and strives to ensure that the experiences that children of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island enjoy are fun, safe, and enriching.


MISSION STATEMENT: The Camping Association of Nova Scotia supports the development and promotion of organized camping in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.


Camp Geddie of the Past - Photo Courtesy of Camp Geddie



Ten years ago, in 2000, eight camps became the first to achieve accreditation status? The list has been growing ever since!

Those first eight camps were Big Cove YMCA Camp, Camp Hillis, Camp Kadimah, Camp MacLeod, Camp Peniel, Mount Traber Bible Camp, Scotian Glen Camp, and Sherbrooke Lake United Church Camp.