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The Camping Association of Nova Scotia & PEI, CANSPEI, is a non-profit residential camping association established in 1941 in partnership with other provincial, national, and international associations.

CANSPEI supports the development and promotion of organized camping by:


  • Providing opportunities for the training and development of camping leaders. Acting as a referral source ,for information pertaining to camping such as our Directory of Camps in Nova Scotia.
  • Establish and promoting accreditation standards for organized camping in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
  • Educating the public regarding camps and camping in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island


The Accreditation Program is a process whereby standards of excellence in camping are met and maintained. A camp is recognized as an Accredited Camp for a period of three years.

The Accreditation Program was first introduced in Nova Scotia in 2000, the first of the Atlantic Canada provincial camping associations to implement a camp accreditation program.


Bringing families, camps, and leaders together for 70 YEARS, since 1941!

The Camping Association of Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit organization supported by the provincial government of Nova Scotia and is dedicated to supporting and serving the residential camps of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

The mandate of the Camping Association of Nova Scotia is thus:


  • Maintain a Membership program (including camps, agencies, families, and individuals) Maintain the Camp Accreditation Program to promote the highest level of standards for the safety and well-being of children, youth, and families involved in residential camping
  • Provide Professional Development and training opportunities to camp staffs across Nova Scotia and PEI
  • Function as an informational resource for camps, children, and parents
  • Promote residential camping in the provinces of Nova Scotia and PEI If you are looking forNova Scotia campground information, please consider one of Nova Scotia's great privately owned campgrounds or one of our National or Provincial Parks

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The Camping Association of Nova Scotia & PEI is a member of the:


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